Our commitment to health & safety

On behalf of everyone at Pitch & Pixel, we want to let you know about the actions we’re taking to protect you and your family during the global spread of COVID-19.

Your wellbeing is our number one priority. And, as several of our services are centred around the time and care our technicians take to ensure we deliver an excellent experience, we have enacted a strong plan that involves extra precautions.

Every technician has increased their sanitation practises on top of the health and safety standards they already meet daily. We can advise that none of our technician's have travelled overseas since December 2019.

As our customers and members of our communities, your safety during this time is our greatest concern.

If you’re feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms and have an upcoming installation or consultation booked, please contact us as we may be required to postpone your appointment.

For more information and health measures, please visit the Ministry of Health.

Get in touch

If there’s something you’d like to know more about, or you’d like to book a time with one of our technicians, contact us today.