Our technicians take pride in being able to repair just about any piece of home entertainment equipment. As warranty service agents for number of brands, we can potentially repair your gear at no cost whether you’ve bought it from us or not. Otherwise, we’re able to provide quotes for insurance purposes and undertake repairs.

What do we service that's in warranty?

  • Panasonic - TVs, audio, microwaves
  • Sharp - TVs, microwaves
  • LG - everything
  • Teac - TVs (we are the South Island agent)
  • JVC - TVs
  • Pioneer - Receiver
  • Onkyo
  • Integra
  • iPEK
  • Mini-cam solo pro
  • Veon, Sanyo, Akai, Toshiba, Transonic, Homebrand (all brands supplied by The Warehouse)
  • Hitachi - Projectors

What do we service that's out of warranty?

  • All brands, just bring it in or contact us today!

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If there’s something you’d like to know more about, or you’d like to book a time with one of our technicians, contact us today.