Maintain your roof warranty, avoid destructive corrosion and use a system to last the lifespan of your roof with our roof mounts for your aerial or satellite dish.

Roof mounts

Our roof mounts ensure a secure and dependable attachment solution - with no penetration of standing seam roof required. Our system is quick and simple to install and helps preserve the integrity of your metal roof. The lifespan of your roof is significantly reduced when inferior rooftop mounting is performed. A perfect roof should first and foremost function as a roof and not as an equipment platform. But it is often convenient and necessary to attach rooftop ancillaries like a satellite dish or HVAC unit. Don’t compromise warranties or safety – mount them using our tray roof mounts.

Tray roof mount with satellite 2

The system

The system is available for virtually any panel profile on the market—architectural and metal building panels. It requires only the rail, S-5 clamps, and S-5-CF tabs. We slide the tabs into the rail and attach to the top of the clamp with stainless bolts. We can attach almost anything to tray or standing seam metal roofs without piercing the panel!

Tray roof mount 2

Features and benefits of this system:

  • All aluminium and stainless
  • Powdercoat the system to match your roof colour
  • No panel or standing seam roof penetration affecting warranties or thermal movement
  • Eliminates premature corrosion or rust
  • No field-applied sealants needed
  • Free flow of rainwater under rails
  • Load distribution over multiple bearing points (panel ribs)
  • Universal utility system by using as many tabs as needed for your specific utility application

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